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GIBX POB Redefining the Industry

From the Bitcoin halving to the destruction mechanism of many mainstream coins, these situations illustrate one problem – deflation can increase the value of digital currencies.

The Bitcoin halving is signaling the arrival of the bull market as many people believe that the decline in supply after the halving will inevitably boost the price of Bitcoin in GIBX POB. Facts have proved that such claims are not baseless. Bitcoin has experienced a bull market after two halves in history. In May of this year, Bitcoin completed the third halving in its history. The price is currently rising steadily, and the market is generally optimistic about the arrival of the next bull market according to GIBX POB.

From the perspective of supply and demand in GIBX POB, the token destruction mechanism and the Bitcoin halving logic are similar; whereby when the supply of digital currency decreases, the price will rise.

The X code operation mechanism allows a 0.3% handling fee to be charged when a transaction occurs in GIBX POB, of which 0.15% of the handling fee will be proportionally distributed to all currency holders. In other words, the assets of holders of X “automatically” increase without a limit. In addition, the remaining portion of the handling fee will be entering the liquidity pool to provide currency liquidity. This means that the holders can sell X at any time and exchange them for Bitcoin currency, Ether, GUSDT, and any currency. At the same time, the more transactions occur in GIBX POB, the higher the liquidity of the pool, and the currency price will steadily increase. Most importantly, in the future, X can be staked in the aggregate revenue pool, getting passive income from NFTs and others, many birds with one stone.

The operation of the deflationary destruction mechanism has become the biggest driver of GIBX POB‘s trillion market value. There is no doubt that “X” will bring a value shock to the world!

The newly launched GIBX POB will also open: liquidity mining, transaction mining, asset cross-chain functions, and the board-of-directors mechanism will be implemented. GIBX POB’s board-of-directors mechanism, stake designated LP, single currency, can divide “X” according to the proportion of locked position. “X” will have a complete repurchase mechanism. Part of the profits of the GIBX POB platform will be used for repurchasing and “airdropping” X every quarter. The repurchased Xs’ will be directly destroyed, and the repurchase record will be announced as soon as possible. Users can use the zone Blockchain browser query to ensure openness and transparency. \e “airdrop” part will be allocated according to the weight of each pool, and then dug out according to the proportion of the locked position. In other words, X is a deflationary currency. With deflation and high liquidity, you can earn passive income by holding the currency!

To ensure the continuous growth of GUSDT™’s value over time, GIBXChange has established a Proof-Of-Burn model that burns a certain percentage of coins sold through its exchange. This model helps to create value, which helps the price point of the coin to keep growing. It not only makes the symbolic price rise every hour but also protects it from market fluctuations.

GIBX POB’s burning-black-hole-mining mechanism increases the value of the token by reducing circulation. The relationship between supply and demand affects prices, and if other conditions remain the same, supply decreases and value increases.

Speaking about destruction intensity, combined with Xs’ valuation concept and value growth space, the rising logic of “X” is sufficient to benchmark BTC. In addition, “X” is in hot pursuit in terms of platform mechanism, profitability, business sector, deflation model, ecological vision, etc. For investors in GIBX POB, it is undoubtedly an opportunity, and choosing to hold NGK is undoubtedly the users’ current best chance.

At the moment, the “X” ecosystem and technical strength are quite eye-catching. In the future, as more and more nodes connect the “X” open platform, the “X” ecosystem will become more and more complete and application scenarios will continue to increase, thereby further enhancing the value of “X”.

At the same time, GIBX POB will bind with GUSDT™ as the platform currency, and GUSDT™ can discount the transaction fees of the GIBXChange platform as well as GIBXSWAP platform transaction fees. For users who participate in transactions on the GIBXChange platform, no matter which tokens are being traded, when a transaction fee needs to be paid, if you hold enough GUSDT™, the system will give a discount on the fee to be paid.

From the above points of view, the investment value of “X” is fully demonstrated, and it will take off soon. We invite you to seize the opportunity and seek huge wealth dividends in the new digital economy with GIBX POB.

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