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Cloud Computing in GIBX FOREX 2.0

Purchasing of GIBX FOREX 2.0 IPFS mining pool cloud computing power, new products are online and there are many benefits.

Cryptocurrency mining in GIBX FOREX 2.0 usually depends on several factors such as the miner’s own computing power, the computing power of the whole network, and the difficulty of mining. The higher the computing power you have, the lower the mining difficulty at the end of the month of the whole network, the less you can mine. The greater the number of cryptocurrencies. Take Bitcoin as an example. At the time of writing (January 19), Bitcoin’s entire network computing power is 150.35 EH/s, and the entire network difficulty is 20.61 T. Under this computing power condition, the profit per T is 0.00000610 BTC (PPS).

After experiencing the ups and downs of Bitcoin’s 10-year development, Bitcoin is still the most long-term holding value digital asset in people’s minds. For users, mining and hoarding coins have almost become a consensus. Compared with secondary market transactions, mining is more in line with users’ original intentions in GIBX FOREX 2.0. But since the emergence of the business model of selling cloud computing power, there has been a saying that “buying coins is not as good as mining, and mining is not as good as buying computing power”. At first, some small and medium-sized mining pools used this sales model and did not reach scale.

What is cloud computing power in GIBX FOREX 2.0:

No need to mine by yourself, no need to endure the noise of the mining machine. In GIBX FOREX 2.0, we deploy the most advanced mining machine on the market for you, through low power consumption, low electricity bills, high income, and professional maintenance, to provide you with the most cost-effective agency mining service. You only need to purchase computing power to start mining bitcoin in real-time, eliminate GIBX FOREX 2.0 and the trouble of deploying mining machines, and at the same time obtain a higher return on investment. We use large-scale professional mine deployments to minimize costs and maximize mining revenue.

Buying mode in GIBX FOREX 2.0;

In the proof-of-work consensus model in GIBX FOREX 2.0, computers scattered everywhere will compete with one another. Whoever can find the exhaustive guess value (nonce) that matches the data originally to be packaged is the same as obtaining the packaging rights of the block (remember Account right). After the guess value is found, it is packaged into a block together with the data and hash value and then broadcast in GIBX FOREX 2.0. After confirmation and recognition by most nodes, the packager can get the reward provided by packaging the block. Generally, cryptocurrencies that use proof of work, such as Bitcoin, will be set to adjust the difficulty of finding guesses as to the computing power of participating in the competition increases or decreases to maintain a reasonable speed of operation.

The amount of the computing power package opened in the first week is 100w US dollars equivalent, (each person can buy a share of 1000 US dollars for one contract (multiple contracts can be purchased) + 3% of the castable amount of GUSDT fuel consumed), and the buying period is one week. Each time the next computing power package is opened in GIBX FOREX 2.0, the amount that can be purchased is 150W USD equivalent (automatically increased by 50%), and each time the next computer power package is opened, the amount that users can purchase for each contract will automatically increase (one piece of 1500 dollars). And so on. . . Until 1 thousand W USD equivalent computing power pack (5000 T) is sold out. 

After the successful purchase in GIBX FOREX 2.0, the miner will be rewarded with an 8% rebate of the maintenance fee;

In the next week, after the total amount of 100w of the first computing power package has been purchased, 8% of the miner maintenance fee rebate and 8% of the promotion income will be settled according to the contribution value. Then the second batch of computing power package (50% of the expansion from next week is enough to pay 8% of the first batch of miners’ income and 8% of the team’s promotion rewards in GIBX FOREX 2.0.

The hedged funds in GIBX FOREX 2.0  are used to purchase IPFS computing power; IPFS cloud mining machines can produce FIL coins and obtain multiples of income that exceed expectations.

Operating procedures:

Log in to the GIBX FOREX 2.0 back-end system, click on the IPFS mine, you will directly enter the hedge mining page, and select the wallet combination you want to use for pledge mining. The minimum value of each contract is 1000 USD equivalent (multiple contracts can be bought), and the price of each contract is 50% from the weekly price: 1000, 1500, 2000. . . And so on

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